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law No abetment by parties death if right to sue survive: it is all about No abetment by parties death if right to sue survive. it is about abatement of the suit by the parties if any of them dies during the pandency.......By Bhagwati Dan Charan Posted: 2011/1/17

law Doctrine of Permissible Limits Under Delegated Legislation: According to the traditional theory, the function of the executive is to administer the law enacted by the legislature, and in the ideal......By Bhagwati Dan Charan Posted: 2011/1/17

law Whether Right To Life Include Right To Die: In India "The right to life" under Article 21 of the Constitution has received the widest possible interpretation under the able hands of the judiciary and rightly ....By Manali Singhal Posted: 2011/1/17

law Right to information as a procedural justice: Access to information held by a public authority was not possible until 2005. Lack of information precluded a person to realize his socio economic aspirations.......animesh Posted: 2011/1/17

law Corporate Criminal Liability - Doctrine of Identification: The concept of Doctrine of Identification finds its roots in the English Law. The growth of this doctrine has helped in the implication and prosecution.........By Neha Mirajgaoker Posted: 2011/1/17

law Prevention of oppression & mismanagement: it is related to the oppression and mismanagement and how they are checked by the shareholders and various agencies in the company law......By Sujay Dixit-  Posted: 2011/1/13

law Easement restrictive of certain rights: it is related to the concept of easement regarding certain restrictive rights with the owner of the property.......By Sujay Dixit-  Posted: 2011/1/13

law Consent of a Mental Retardee for Abortion necessary: A critique and observations on the Supreme Court decision in Suchitha Srivastava and anr v. Chandigarh Administration.....By Ravi Raghunath Posted: 2011/1/13

law Separation of Power in India & USA: The separation of powers is a model for the governance of both democratic and federative states. The model was first developed in ancient Greece.....By Prachi shah Posted: 2011/1/13

law Award of cost under cpc: It is about what is cost and why they are ordered under cpc and deals with sec 35,35-a,35-b,order 20-a under Indian cpc.......By Sujay Dixit-  Posted: 2011/1/13

law Reservation & principle of equality: this is about the Indian concept of reservation and how it is related to the concept of equality in constitution of India.......By Sujay Dixit-  Posted: 2011/1/13

law Expert Opinion: Article is About sec 45 of Indian evidence act and what is the need for expert evidence in certain specific fields like narco analysis and polygraph test.......By Sujay Dixit-  Posted: 2011/1/13

law Sting Operation: Sting is a tool in the hands of every citizen to expose the unauthorized acts prevalent in the society. However there need to be some limitation with due respect to the right......By shishir shrivastava -  Posted: 2011/1/13

law Government of India Act of 1915: Between the advent of the Government of India Acts of 1909 and 1919, in 1915 the British Parliament passed the Government of India Act of 1915, an Act meant for......By Adoksh Shastry-  Posted: 2011/1/13

law Protection Against Sexual Harassment Of Women In India: This Article is about the Protection given to the women’s in India in case of various Sexual Harassment but with a human right Perspective.....By Pradnya Pahurkar-  Posted: 2011/1/13

law Sec. 498A I.P.C.- Its Use and Misuse: this article talks about the use and misuse of sec.-498 A of I.P.C.,it also talks about the measures and also it talks about the role of judiciary in it......By Akshay Goel-  Posted: 2011/1/13

law Rape Laws In India-Appropriate or not: Rape is a stigma which exists in the society from a long time. The dictionary meaning of word rape is the ravishing or violation of a woman. The rape victim........By Akshay Goel-  Posted: 2011/1/13